RSI and the Environment

GreenChill Advanced Refrigeration Partnership

The U.S. EPA's GreenChill Partnership recognizes individual store achievements in environmentallyfriendlier refrigeration with its Store Certification Program for food retail stores. The program awards
either platinum-, gold-, or silver-level certification to food retail stores that significantly reduce the
environmental impact of their refrigeration systems.
Today's customers want to do business with stores that share their values. Achieving GreenChill
certification for your store provides recognition and publicity for your company's commitment to
environmental protection. In addition, achieving GreenChill certification for individual stores can be an
effective way to build and sustain store employee morale. Everyone wants to feel proud of where they

GreenChill Advanced Refrigeration Partnership

Today's consumers are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of the businesses where they shop. As general awareness of environmental issues spreads, it becomes more and more important for supermarkets to proactively demonstrate that they share their communities' commitments to environmental protection.
The GreenChill Partnership researches advanced technology and servicing practices and provides Partners with tools that can be used to attain corporate environmental goals. Partners also benefit from the opportunity to share information on environmental best practices and increased publicity for their commitments to their environmental goals.

Leak Detection Programs
RSI aggresively performs leak detection services as part of routine maintenance and service calls. Electronic leak detection units are able to quickly detect if refrigerant is leaking out of the system. RSI uses the devices to quickly pinpoint the problem locations and fix the leak immediately, reducing the amount of refrigerant and CFSs released.

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Preventative Maintenance Programs
RSI Preventative Maintenance(PM) Programs keep your facility healthy and running in top shape at all times. Facilities on PM programs are proven to have reduced numbers of costly service calls and mechanical failures. We offer a wide range of solutions and rates for our Preventative Maintenance programs that can be tailored to meet your facility's needs and capabilities.