Keep your facility running and healthy

All RSI technicians are professionally trained, certified, and experienced in commercial and industrial refrigeration service.

RSI offers unsurpassed levels of professionalism, knowledge, and experience to our customers, and strives to be “The Solution to your Refrigeration Needs”, solving your problem the first time. RSI Service and Maintenance programs keep your facility running and healthy. Our service technicians are trained professionals with years of knowledge and experience.

Our service & maintenance offering includes:

Emergency Service 24/7

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Fast Response Time

Outstanding Customer Service

"Get it done right the first time" attitude


RSI Preventative Maintenance (PM) Programs help keep your facility healthy and running in top shape at all times. Facilities on PM programs are proven to have reduced numbers of costly service calls and mechanical failures. We offer a wide range of solutions and rates for our Preventative Maintenance programs that can be tailored to meet your facility’s needs and capabilities.

Ask about our Preventative Maintenance Program solutions today. Call: 916-281-2000


Much of our Service & Maintenance work is performed on a time & material (T&M) basis, meaning customers pay for the time it takes to complete a job and the required material. T&M repair work is typically time sensitive and complex; it is a “managed by event” relationship with a customer that allows them to direct and pay for only the desired services they elect to have performed.

Whenever we perform T&M work for any customer we strive to match the technician to the specific customer problem, ensuring the problem is fixed right the first time, minimizing call backs and follow ups.


To help RSI customers manage their monthly refrigeration & HVAC service and maintenance costs, we offer Maintenance Contracts (MAC). MACs provide customers with a fixed price for monthly maintenance work for a specific scope of work that is often defined through a collaborative effort between the customer and RSI.

MACs can be renegotiated annually or bi-annually and may cover multiple locations. Work on items not specifically covered in the MAC scope is negotiated with the customer under our Time & Material service offering.


Refrigeration & HVAC systems are complex systems with many critical components under constant stress. As part of normal operations, components wear out or filters and drains get plugged up. Whether it’s sticking valves, broken fans, or a compressor failure, RSI technicians are capable and ready to fix your system’s problems.

RSI will provide you with fair and reasonable quotes in a timely manner to fix or replace failed components and get your system back up and running as soon as possible. We know that even something that seems as minor as a rattling fan or a plugged drain can have a major impact on your system’s performance, cost and most importantly, your customer’s shopping experience. Let our expert technicians provide you a quote to help make sure minor problems do not become major issues.


Keeping your refrigerated cases clean is a simple, inexpensive way to help ensure their optimal performance and appearance. This simple maintenance routine is often forgotten or overlooked and can prevent problems and system inefficiencies, reducing unnecessary service costs down the road. Contact RSI and let us perform our comprehensive Case Cleaning service for you which includes:

  • Disassembling coil housing.
  • Blowing out drains with CO2 as needed.
  • De-icing with hot water and brush (no chemicals).
  • Replacing or repairing any damaged fan motors/blades.
  • Performing comprehensive leak checks on cases being cleaned and conducting overall store walks to identify any other refrigerant leaks.
  • Documenting and notifying the customer of any and all leaks identified.
  • Restarting cleaned cases and verifying operation.
  • Logging any service issues.
  • Documenting temperatures and providing a recap of all work to a store representative.


RSI aggressively performs leak detection services as part of routine maintenance and service calls. Electronic leak detection units are able to quickly detect if refrigerant is leaking out of the system. RSI uses the devices to quickly pinpoint the problem locations and fix the leak immediately, reducing the amount of refrigerant lost.